Luminosity Drop Apex Legends Roster

09 Dec 2023
Tit Krajnik 09 Dec 2023
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  • Luminosity released its entire Apex Legends roster on Friday, December 8, 2023
  • The shock move comes amid rumours that Luminosity is close to signing the former NRG squad
  • Luminosity have now found themselves in a battle with FaZe Clan to acquire Christopher "sweetdreams" Sexton
Luminosity Apex Legends
Luminosity Apex Legends (credit: via Twitter (@Luminosity))
On Friday, December 8, Luminosity Gaming released its Apex Legends roster, which fuels the rumours of Luminosity being close to signing the former NRG Esports core. However, this could prove to be a challenging task, as FaZe Clan are also said to be in talks with Christopher "sweetdreams" Sexton.

Luminosity Gaming Apex Legends roster – which goes by the name LG Chivas – was one of the most consistent teams in the 2023 Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) season. They reached the LAN final of all ALGS Year 3 events of the year; however, despite everything the squad have achieved, the North American esports organisation decided to release the entire roster on Friday.

With that, Luis Enrique "Neazul" Ramos Suarez, Saul "YanYa" Ocampo Plascencia, and Alexis "Jaguares" Martinez have found themselves without a home, one month ahead of the start of ALGS Year 4.

While it's unclear where the Mexican trio will end up, some rumours suggest that Luminosity has already found a roster the organisation would like to sign. As reported last month, Luminosity is targeting the former NRG Esports core of Nathan "Nafen" Nguyen and Christopher "sweetdreams" Sexton, who have been without a team since leaving NRG in September 2023.

However, this plan could be more difficult to execute than it may seem. Like Luminosity, FaZe Clan is also interested in acquiring sweetdreams and Nafen, which could lead to a bidding war between the two organisations.

NRG Core Available For Pick Up

Since NRG released its roster in September, Moist Esports have already picked up Zachary "Gild" Dennis, dividing the former NRG trio, which left quite a mark in the ALGS Year 3. However, even with Gild off the table, sweetdreams, Nafen, and analyst Sven are still without a team and available.

Luminosity and FaZe Clan are the only two known team to be after the NRG members, with more organisations possibly looking to enter the bidding war.

FaZe Clan, like Luminosity, desperately need to put together a roster following the departure of Joseph "Frexs" Sanchez and Josue "Phony" Ruiz, who stepped down from the active lineup at the end of November. Alongside two players, FaZe Clan also released coach Daniel "Dan" Barbour.

It's unclear where the ex-NRG players will end up, but with the ALGS Year 4 fast approaching, we should get a clearer answer in the coming weeks.