Aurora Gaming Bench SELLTER

25 Jan 2024
Tit Krajnik 25 Jan 2024
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  • Aurora Gaming benched Ivan "SELLTER" Miroshnikov on Wednesday, January 25, 2024
  • The decision follows a disappointing run through the closed RMR qualifiers
  • Aurora were among one of the first teams to crash out of the European RMR tournaments
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On Wednesday, January 24, Aurora Gaming announced the benching of Ivan "SELLTER" Miroshnikov. The 20-year-old Counter-Strike player was removed from the active lineup following the team's disappointing performance at the European RMR tournaments leading to PGL Major Copenhagen.

SELLTER's benching marks the end of the 20-year-old's stint with the team who he joined in January 2023 during Aurora's major roster overhaul. Since then, he has been a mainstay on Aurora Gaming's lineup; however, he wasn't able to help the team win a single CS tournament trophy.

Throughout 2023, Aurora Gaming have found some success in lesser Counter-Strike competitions and even reached the semifinals of Roobet Cup 2023 and YaLLa Compass Fall 2023 and made the grand final of CCT Online Finals #5. Unfortunately, the squad couldn't show up in the closed qualifiers for the RMRs.

Failed Run AT RMRs

Earlier this month, Aurora Gaming attended PGL Major Copenhagen 2024: European Qualifier B, where they crashed out in last place, following defeats against IKLA, FORZE, and ThunderFlash. This performance was even more painful, considering Aurora had been close to the Paris Major in April before losing in the final round of RMRs.

"The final result at the RMR [qualifier] could not go unnoticed by us. In such moments, the team needs new willful decisions."

Even though Aurora haven't accomplished much over the last few months, losing in the PGL Major Copenhagen RMRs was the final straw, which ushered in roster changes. As of today, SELLTER is the only player to leave the team.

The 20-year-old has been with Aurora for just over a year. He joined the team to replace Aleksandr "KaiR0N-" Anashkin and averaged a 1.00 performance rating. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough for the Russian squad to reach the first Counter-Strike 2 Major.

Aurora Gaming have yet to announce SELLTER's replacement but now have two benched players, including the 20-year-old and Vladislav "lattykk" Vydrin, and are one member short of finalising the roster.