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BLAST Fall Showdown Will Be Played In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

28 Sep 2023
Tit Krajnik 28 Sep 2023
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  • As confirmed by tournament organisers, BLAST Fall Showdown will be played on CS:GO
  • The news comes a day following the release of Counter-Strike 2
  • For this purpose, CS:GO will remain temporarily available
BLAST Premier
BLAST Premier (Getty Images)
BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown Europe and Americas will be played in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as confirmed by tournament organisers on Thursday, September 28. The news comes a day after the official release of Counter-Strike 2, which will replace CS:GO by the end of the year.

BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown is just one week away, and until today, it was unclear whether the tournament will be played in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as initially planned, or whether it’ll take place on Counter-Strike 2. However, as confirmed by the tournament organisers, they decided to stick with the original plan and not move the tournament to the latest version of the game.

As explained by BLAST, it believed that doing so it wouldn’t give players enough time to prepare to play on Counter-Strike 2, considering BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown is set to kick off in less than a week. To make this possible, the older version of the game will temporarily remain available for the players to practice.

However, while BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown will be played on CS:GO, the BLAST Premier: Fall Final, which is set to take place on November 22-26 at Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark, is expected to run in Counter-Strike 2.

The decision to keep BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown on CS:GO is hardly surprising, considering past occurrences with major game updates. Previously, when Valve released a substantial update to CS:GO, the tournaments that happened shortly after were played on the older version of the game since it would otherwise make it very difficult for the teams to practice and prepare for the competition.

And even though Counter-Strike 2 is a new game and a successor to CS:GO, it is more of a major update than a completely new title.

BLAST Fall European Showdown and Americas Showdown are set to run from October 4-8

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