Cloud9 Becomes BLAST Premier Partner Team

17 Dec 2023
Tit Krajnik 17 Dec 2023
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  • Cloud9 officially became the BLAST Premier partner team
  • Cloud9 took Evil Geniuses' slot in a bidding process
  • The deal is expected to stretch over the 2024 season
Cloud9 (credit: via Twitter (@BLASTPremier))
BLAST Premier announced that Cloud9 have acquired the BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2024 spot of Evil Geniuses. The North American esports organisation secured the slot in a bidding process and is confirmed to attend the upcoming Counter-Strike tournament, which is set to begin in late January 2024.

By partnering with BLAST Premier, Cloud9 will no longer need to go through arduous qualification routes to reach the biggest BLAST Premier events – as the team had to do previously. This marks a huge boon for Cloud9 and its quest to become one of the top Counter-Strike teams in the world.

Cloud9 CEO Jack Etienne commented on the deal.

"Joining this prestigious league reflects our commitment to excellence and competitiveness on a global stage. We look forward to showcasing the skill and determination of our talented players as we continue our CS2 journey with BLAST Premier."

On the other side, Evil Geniuses' CEO Chris DeAppolonio thanked BLAST Premier for allowing his team to compete in BLAST events, as the North American esports organisation loses its partner spot in one of the biggest CS series.

"While we will no longer participate in Premier going forward, we are thankful for the three years we competed and look forward to supporting NA Counter-Strike talent within the league from afar."

A Huge Deal For Cloud9

Not much is known about the agreement between Cloud9 and BLAST, but presumably, the deal stretches over the entire 2024 season, but likely not into 2025. That is because Valve will remove the team-tournament organiser partnerships in 2025.

Starting with the 2025 season, esports tournament organisers such as BLAST will no longer be able to partner with teams and hand them guaranteed spots at their events. Instead, the tournament organisers will have to hand out spots through qualifiers or via invites based on Valve's official Regional Standings.

The news about the deal comes shortly after Richard Lewis reported Evil Geniuses is looking to drop its Counter-Strike division due to struggles behind the scenes. The same reports also suggest that the EG brand could be sold off entirely.