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Flusha Retires From Professional Counter-Strike

15 Aug 2023
Tit Krajnik 15 Aug 2023
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  • Robin "flusha" Rönnquist calls it quits on his Counter-Strike career after 11 years
  • The 30-year-old retires as one of the most successful CS players in history
  • Flusha has won 22 LAN trophies, four MVPs and three Major titles
Flusha CS:GO (credit: via Twitter (@EYEBALLERS))
Robin ⁠" flusha" Rönnquist officially retired from competitive Counter-Strike on Tuesday, August 15, ending his 11-year-old career. The 30-year-old retires as one of the most successful CS:GO players in history, with 22 LAN trophies, four MVP rewards and three Major titles.

As revealed by EYEBALLERS, flusha has decided to step away from competitive Counter-Strike, putting an end to his 11-year-long career during which the Swede established himself as one of the game's legends.

Flusha started his Counter-Strike career in 2012 and very early rose to prominence as one of the best riflers in the scene with his calculative approach to the games and being able to successfully execute incredible clutches.

The Swedish rifler put his name on the map in 2013 when he signed for Fnatic, where he joined the likes of Markus "pronax" Wallsen and Jesper "JW" Wecksell, with who he shared most of his success. The trio went on to dominate in the early years of CS:GO, winning DreamHack Winter 2013, the first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major.

Flusha and Fnatic fell off in the next few months, which led to a roster reshuffle and the signing of Freddy "KRIMZ" Johansson and Olof "olofmeister" Kjabjer, who would become a part of one of the most memorable dynasties in CS:GO history.

In the all-Swedish roster, flusha won 16 LAN titles and two more Majors – ESL One: Katowice 2015 and ESL One: Cologne 2015 – and claimed the MVP award in the latter after averaging an impressive 1.38 rating over the tournament.

Flusha eventually left Fnatic in 2016 to join GODSENT, where he reunited with pronax and JW, but the project fell apart and led to flusha's departure six months later. Flusha returned to Fnatic in 2017 and won IEM Katowice in 2018, adding another MVP title to his resume.

The Swede left Fnatic again in 2019 for a short stint at Cloud9 before returning to Fnatic for the final time in September to help his team win another LAN event – DreamHack Masters Malmo – before leaving Fnatic for the final time at the start of 2021.

After spending some time away from the game, flusha joined GORILLAZ and in June 2022, EYEBALLERS; however, in his last two endeavours, the Swede has not won a single big event.

"For some time now I have felt a lack of motivation, and also I've been having less and less fun while playing. I also felt that EYEBALLERS needed some new blood so it was a mix of a lot, but I've been thinking about this for the last year, and once you get these thoughts, maybe it's right not to try to push it even more than what's already done."

"It feels like the right time to stop now, I'm not very old compared to some others on the scene, but I've accomplished a lot, and I'm happy with everything I've done. There isn't much more to do for me, and if you don't enjoy it, it's pointless to stay on the server."

Flusha concludes his goodbye statement by claiming that he is very satisfied with his career and what he has accomplished. However, he also believes that the time has come for him to hang up his mouse and keyboard.

Despite all his accomplishments, which earned flusha the title of a CS:GO legend, he is mostly known as "Senior VAC" a nickname he has earned due to several controversial clips of his immaculate decision-making in games, resulting in the Swede being targeted with cheating allegations. It has never been officially confirmed that flusha cheated, but while some may argue he did, we'll never know for sure.

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