Former MAJESTY And Project X Owner Gets Lifetime ESIC Ban

04 Dec 2023
Tit Krajnik 04 Dec 2023
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  • On Monday, December 4, 2023 Alexey Shyshko received a lifetime ban from ESIC
  • Shyshko is a former owner of Akuma, MAJESTY, and Project X Counter-Strike teams
  • He received the band due to his involvement in match-fixing activities
Esports Integrity Commission (credit: via
On Monday, December 4, the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) announced it had placed a lifetime ban on Alexey Shyshko, former owner of Akuma, MAJESTY, and Project X. Shyshko received the ban due to orchestrating match-fixing activities in the team and facilitating cheating within many Counter-Strike esports competitions.

The ban comes after an investigation which was launched in June 2021, to discover more about potential match-fixing involving Shyshko, who has allegedly placed numerous bets on Project X's matches.

At the time, ESIC urged Counter-Strike tournament organisers not to accept Akuma into events since the team fielded several former Project X players. Moreover, ESIC recommended that its members not accept any team associated with the former Project X team or any team associated with Shyshko until the end of the investigation.

While the investigation took a long time to complete, ESIC has found enough evidence to ban Shyshko from participating in any events of ESIC members. As confirmed by ESIC, its investigation included information from confidential sources, betting evidence and match analysis from experts. It concluded that Shyshko engaged in activities that violated the principles of fair play.

"Our investigation unveiled substantial evidence that Mr. Shyshko engaged in activities that flagrantly and consistently violated the principles of fair play and integrity central to the ethos of esports. These activities primarily involved instances of match-fixing and facilitating cheating, which are antithetical to the competitive spirit of esports."

In the blog post, ESIC confirmed that Shyshko was "implicated in facilitating match-fixing agreement during a Bulgarian LAN event, involving MAJESTY, which he owned and controlled". As it was uncovered, Shysko's plan was executed between August 20, 2020, and December 2 2020, and it involved manipulation of match outcomes with the promise of financial gain for the participating players.

Moreover, during the Time of Bet Cup event, Shyshko provided MAJESTY with an unfair advantage by enabling prohibited communication methods.

The First Lifetime Ban By ESIC

The evidence found against Shysko was solid enough for ESIC to issue the first-ever lifetime ban, which, as stated by the watchdogs, is a reflection of the seriousness of Shyskjo's offences and "serves as a strong deterrent to others".

Also involved in the case were four Ukrainian CS players, including former Akuma member Dmitriy "SENSEi" Shvorak, who were handed a two-year ban last week. However, according to ESIC, further investigations and potential prosecutions remain in progress.

"ESIC remains vigilant and proactive in identifying and addressing threats to the integrity of esports. We continue to refine our monitoring and investigative processes, working collaboratively with teams, players, and event organisers to foster an environment where fair play is paramount."

This is by no means the first serious offence for which ESIC handed out bans; however, it is, to date, the first time ESIC decided that the offences were serious enough to result in a lifetime ban.