GODSENT Announce New Counter-Strike Roster, Featuring Golden

08 Aug 2023
Tit Krajnik 08 Aug 2023
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  • GODSENT announce a new CS:GO roster
  • The new project will feature only two returning players
  • Golden transitions back from coaching to full-time player
Counter-Strike (Getty Images)
Swedish esports organisation GODSENT announced a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster with three new signings. The new-look lineup will also feature Maikil "Golden" Selim, who will serve as a player more than a year after his last professional match.

GODSENT unveiled its new Counter-Strike roster for the upcoming season, featuring only two returning players from the previous iteration - Nicolas "Plopski" Gonzalez Zamora and Erik "ztr" Gustafsson.  But besides retaining the Swedish duo, GODSENT opted for some drastic changes.

The new-look roster will welcome two new singings in 22-year-old Johan "Hype" Engblom, formerly of 00 Prospects and his former teammate, Jonatan "bobeksde" Persson. Filling in the last available spot on the GODSENT's roster is a CS veteran, Maikil "Golden" Selim, who has spent the last seven months as GODSENT's coach.

GODSENT returned to compete in CS:GO at the start of 2023, following a six-month hiatus from the competitive scene after the Swedish organisation released its Brazilian lineup midway through 2022

With the Brazilian squad, GODSENT found some success and peaked at no.12 in the global CS:GO rankings at the start of 2022, but after a streak of disappointing results, GODSENT decided to pull the plug on its Brazilian project, with most of its former lineup joining 00 Nation.

Six months later, GODSENT announced the team's return to the competitive scene, returning to its roots of fielding an all-Swedish squad. Yet the new project didn't get the results the organisation was looking for. 

GODSENT's only notable accomplishment of the year happened in March when they reached the semifinals of BetBoom Playlist. Urbanistic, but outside of that, the Swedish squad failed to produce any noteworthy tournament placements.

In a bid to find more success, GODSENT again pressed the reset button, opting to keep their best two players in ztr and Plopski, who will team up with the new signings in bobeksde and Hype, as well as GODSENT's former coach, Golden.

Hype, who has spent the last year with 00 Prospects, has proven his worth and joins the new GODSENT project as a promising addition. He averaged an impressive 1.14 rating during his stint with 00 Prospects, far above his former and current teammate, bobeksde, who sported a modest 1.03 rating during his one-year stay with 00 Prospects.

The biggest surprise of the new GODSENT roster is Golden, who will return to the server after spending the last six months as a coach. The 29-year-old Swede has already appeared as a player for GODSENT as a stand-in for three matches throughout 2023 but has otherwise not served as a full-time player since April 2022.