Jason Lake Is Looking To Buy Complexity From GameSquare

21 Dec 2023
Tit Krajnik 21 Dec 2023
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  • Complexity CEO Jason Lake is reportedly negotiating to buy Complexity from GameSquare
  • The North American entrepreneur is looking for investors to complete the deal
  • The news comes just two months after GameSquare acquired FaZe Clan
According to recent reports, Complexity CEO Jason Lake is looking to buy the North American esports organisation from GameSquare. Lake is currently looking for investors to complete the deal, which would relieve GameSquare from a potential conflict of interest.

In October, GameSquare reached an agreement to acquire FaZe Clan in an all-stock transaction for approximately $17 million. While the deal saved FaZe Clan and its future, it also put a huge question mark above GameSquare and the potential conflict of interest.

GameSquare already owns Complexity, another North American esports organisation, which, like FaZe Clan, fields a Counter-Strike team. By owning two esports squads, there was potential for conflict of interest, as both teams commonly compete in the same Counter-Strike tournaments. 

Complexity and FaZe Clan are both partnered with BLAST and ESL, meaning they would both compete in the same ESL and BLAST events in 2024. This wasn’t a problem until October, but since GameSquare bought FaZe, it would mean that the same entity would own both teams.

This didn’t go down well with the fans or the tournament organisers, such as ESL, which said that it is examining the potential implications GameSquare’s acquisition of FaZe Clan would have on the team’s participation in its events.

The issue has yet to be resolved; however, if Jason Lake’s plan comes through, the problem with potential conflict will no longer be a problem.

The Deal Could Take Months To Complete

According to reports, Jason Lake has been looking for investors to acquire Complexity with his trips to Abu Dhabi, where he attended the BLAST Premier World Final. While he has yet to find the resources to buy the team, Lake might have a bit more time.

GameSquare was initially expected to fully acquire FaZe Clan by Q4 of 2023; however, the deal could take months to complete. This will give Lake more time to find investors and buy Complexity while GameSquare and FaZe still remain separate entities.

This wouldn’t be the first time Lake would buy Complexity. Jason Lake founded Complexity in 2003 and, at the end of the decade, re-acquired the organisation from DirecTV.

In 2017, Lake sold his majority stake in Complexity to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and John Goff, and four years later, GameSquare acquired Complexity for $27 million. As a result, Jones, Goff, and Lake became shareholders in GameSquare, with 47% ownership.