ManeschijnX Leaves GamerLegion Amidst Cheating Allegations

27 Sep 2023
Tit Krajnik 27 Sep 2023
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  • Luna “ManeschijnX” Akkermans is the second player to leave GamerLegion female Counter-Strike roster
  • ManeschijnX decided to leave the team due to allegations of cheating
  • A day prior, GamerLegion parted ways with Chloe “KittyTM” Geaney due to racist and discriminatory behaviour
Counter-Strike (Getty Images)
On Tuesday, September 26, GamerLegion female Counter-Strike player Luna “ManeschijnX” Akkermans announced her departure from the team. According to her statement, she quit the team due to recent allegations of her cheating on prior accounts.

ManeschijnX leaving GamerLegion Counter-Strike roster marks the second departure of the team in just as many days. ManeschijnX’s departure follows GamerLegion’s removal of Chloe “KittyTM” Geaney, who has been found to have sent racist and discriminatory messages prior to her singing with GamerLegion.

Even though KittyTM was removed by GamerLegion due to her previous behaviour, ManeschijnX decided to step down from the roster herself, with the organisation yet to release an official statement on the situation. As explained by ManeschijnX in a Tweet, she decided to leave the team due to “recent events”, which imply the recent allegations of her cheating on prior Counter-Strike accounts.

“Regarding allegations, I want to inform everyone that I have made the decision to part ways with GamerLegion due to the recent events. I want to thank them for the opportunity they have given me and their constant support throughout this situation.”

ManeschijnX has not been found guilty of cheating and is currently working with ESL and FACEIT in their ongoing investigation.

The incident started earlier this week, when former esports player Esmee Pauw accused ManeschijnX of hacking, recently and on her previous Counter-Strike accounts under the name “Bentas”. According to Pauw, Bentas – who was banned from FACEIT – decided to change his identity and become a woman to play in the women’s league.

Pauw also stated that she sent GamerLegion evidence of her claims; however, as it stands now, no official punishment has been given to ManeschijnX, nor has FACEIT or ESL commented on the situation.

With ManeschijnX’s departure, the GamerLegion female squad is now left with just three active members, just three days after GamerLegion signed the former Let Her Cook roster. The team is set to face off against NaVi Javelins at ESL Impact League Season 4 on Thursday, September 28, leaving GamerLegion just one day to find two replacements.