Perfect World Announces Shanghai Major

12 Nov 2023
Tit Krajnik 12 Nov 2023
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  • China will host its first Counter-Strike Major
  • Esports tournament organiser Perfect World announced the news on Sunday, November 12
  • The Shanghai Major is planned to take place in December, 2024
Shanghai Major CS
Shanghai Major 2024 (credit: via Twitter (@PWRDEsports))
Chinese esports tournament organiser Perfect World has revealed that the second Counter-Strike Major of 2024 will take place in Shanghai, China. The tournament is scheduled to happen in December 2024, and it’ll mark the first CS Major to take place in China.

Perfect World unveiled the news during the final day of the CS Asia Championships on Sunday, November 12, confirming that China will host its first CS Major in history. It’ll mark the second CS Major of 2024, after the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024, and is set to take place in December, with the RMR qualifiers for the event set to take place from October 26-November 13.

The exact dates have yet to be confirmed.

As reported, Perfect World will run the Major in partnership with PGL, tasked with hosting the first Counter-Strike 2 Major in Copenhagen. However, despite the reports, Perfect World has yet to publicly announce that it would work with PGL for the final CS Major of 2024.

Perfect World is one of the biggest esports tournament organisers in the world, which has hosted top-tier events in China for years.

It hosted its first Counter-Strike event in April 2017 (DouyuTV Asia Invitational Season 1) and dozens of events since. Most recently, Perfect World hosted the CS Asia Championships 2023, a $500,000 Counter-Strike 2 tournament, as one of the biggest events the organisers have hosted to date and the most lucrative since Perfect World League Season 1, which had a $100,000 prize pool.

Much of the Perfect World Shanghai Major 2024 is still unknown, besides the fact that it will happen in December 2024 and that it will welcome 24 teams fighting for the lion’s share of the $1,250,000 prize pool. However, considering we’re still more than 12 months removed from China’s first CS Major, there’s plenty of time for the organisers to share more details about it.