Pinnacle Cup V Is Set To Start On August 1

25 Jul 2023
Tit Krajnik 25 Jul 2023
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  • The fifth instalment of the Pinnacle Cup
  • 32 teams and $50,000 on the line
  • The tournament will feature Astralis, Bad News Eagles, and Apeks
Pinnacle Cup V (Image from Pinnacle)
Pinnacle Cup V (Pinnacle)
Pinnacle has announced the fifth iteration of its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament, the Pinnacle Cup, which is set to kick off on August 1, 2023. The tournament will welcome 32 teams and boast a $50,000 prize pool.

Pinnacle Cup V will use a familiar format featured in the previous instalments of the CS:GO esports tournament. The event will run across three stages, starting with the Play-In stage, followed by the Swiss stage, and culminating with a single-elimination playoff.

The organiser has already sent out invites for the Play-In stage, which will welcome 16 teams who'll fight for berths to the Swiss Stage. The teams will be seeded into a single-elimination bracket, with all opening matches played as best-of-one (Bo1) and all succeeding matches as best-of-three (Bo3).

The top four teams will proceed to the tournament's next stage and join 12 directly invited teams. The second stage will use a Swiss system format, with all matches played as best-of-three (Bo3) and the top eight teams earning an invite to the playoffs. There they'll meet with four directly-invited teams, three of which have already been announced.

The Pinnacle Cup V playoffs will use a single-elimination bracket, with all matches played as best-of-three (Bo3).

Pinnacle announced the tournament on Tuesday, July 26, and unveiled a complete list of Play-In teams, which includes Websterz, ThunderFlash, The Prodigies, Team Singularity, Team 7AM, Portuguese Family, los kogutos, Let Us Cook, Lazer Cats, JANO Esports, IKLA UA, For The Win Esports, ex-iNation, ex-HYDRA, ENTERPRISE esports, and ENCE Academy.

Along with the announcement of the Play-In teams, Pinnacle also revealed the four Swiss Stage and three Playoff teams, which received a direct invite.

  • Swiss Stage: Aurora, EYEBALLERS, ECSTATIC, Team Spirit
  • Playoffs: Bad News Eagles, Apeks, Astralis

Pinnacle Cup V will come with a $50,000 prize pool. The finalists will take home $30,000 and $10,000, with the third and fourth-placed teams taking home $5,000 apiece.

The previous iteration of the tournament, the Pinnacle Cup IV, took place over one year ago, on April 27-25, 2022, with 32 teams fighting for the largest slice of the $100,000 prize pool and an invite to the Pinnacle Cup Championship. 

The event featured a few notable teams, including Eternal Fire, Team Spirit, Bad News Eagles, GamerLegion, and Team Finest, who completed a miracle run from the Play-in stage into the playoffs, where they defeated Eternal Fire (2-1) in the finals.

Pinnacle Cup V is scheduled to start on Tuesday, August 1, 2023, at 13:30 CEST, with the opening match between ex-HYDRA and ex-iNation.