Rejin’s Major Ban Gets Reduced Following Appeal

22 Sep 2023
Tit Krajnik 22 Sep 2023
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  • Allan "Rejin" Petersen has successfully appealed his Major ban
  • The former Danish Counter-Strike coach was previously banned from all Majors for life
  • With the appeal, he has reduced his sentence to five Majors
ESIC Ban Appeal
ESIC ban appeal (credit: via Twitter (@ESIC_Official))
Valve has announced that it has reduced Allan "Rejin" Petersen’s Counter-Strike Major ban following the Danish coach's appeal. As a result, Rejin will be allowed to participate in any Counter-Strike Major in the second half of 2024.

Rejin was banned in 2020 after the Sports Integrity Commission (ESIC) found him guilty of exploiting the notorious coach spectator bug, which, in some cases, allowed coaches to see the map during the game and give them an unfair advantage over the opposing team.

At the time, ESIC used “demerit points” to determine the severity and length of the punishment for the use of the spectator bug. The points were assigned based on the number of rounds and matches in which the bug was used.
ESIC assigned Rejin eight points for his offences, which was enough to receive a permanent ban for all Counter-Stirke Majors. However, despite being permanently banned, the Dane has successfully appealed his sentence and got it reduced to five Majors, which will allow him to return to a Counter-Strike Major stage in the second half of 2024 - following the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen, which is set to take place in May March 2024.

"Mr. Petersen was initially assigned 8 demerit points as a result of ESIC’s investigation into his involvement and incorrect response to the CSGO coach bug. This decision was reached after a comprehensive investigation, and the demerit points assigned to Mr. Petersen were subsequently and independently recognized by Valve and translated into a secondary Valve RMR sanction banning Mr. Petersen from Valve Majors for life."
"While the original sanction by ESIC remains unaltered our adherence to the principles of natural justice and equitable treatment prompted the acceptance of the appeal, even though it was submitted almost three years after the initial sanction was imposed. The ESIC Independent Appeal Panel and the ESIC Commissioner have conducted an exhaustive review of the case, considering new evidence presented by Mr. Petersen."

Rejin is a former Counter-Strike pro player who transitioned to coaching in March 2017 with Tricked Esports. He is mostly known for his time at mousesports, with who he won several high-profile tournaments before he was let go in 2020 following the ban.

He has since coached Endpoint and served as a manager of MAD Lions and analyst for Entropiq Prague. Rejin is currently the sports director of Sashi Esports, a position he will likely keep until later in 2024 when the 35-year-old will likely get picked up by a Counter-Strike team as a head coach.