Team Vitality Wins BLAST Premier World Final 2023

18 Dec 2023
Tit Krajnik 18 Dec 2023
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  • Team Vitality continue their dominant run with BLAST Premier: World Final 2023 title
  • The Bees won the trophy on Sunday, December 17, with a dominant victory against FaZe Clan
  • It marked Vitality's second tournament victory in a row
Team Vitality
Team VItality win BLAST Premier World Final 2023 (credit: via Twitter (BLASTPremier))
Team Vitality won the BLAST Premier: World Final 2023 title on Sunday, December 17, when the French squad swept FaZe Clan in the grand final. BLAST Premier: World Final 2023 marks Vitality's second tournament title in a row and their second BLAST Premier trophy since the transition to Counter-Strike 2.

For the second time in a row, Team Vitality have gotten the best of FaZe Clan, who the French Counter-Strike squad beat at BLAST Premier: Fall Final 2023 last month. And just like in November, Team Vitality showed no signs of struggle in defeating the current no.1 rated CS2 team in the world.

With a clean 2-0 sweep in the grand final of BLAST Premier: World Final 2023 in Abu Dhabi, Team Vitality cemented their status as the current best Counter-Strike 2 team in the world.

The BLAST Premier: World Final 2023 grand final kicked off on Inferno, with Team Vitality taking a 3-0 lead, only to lose the next four rounds and find themselves trailing 3-4. But that was the only time on the first map that Vitality were chasing FaZe Clan.

Team Vitality tied the map in the eighth round and have not shown any signs of stopping, stringing together five consecutive rounds to end the first half 8-4 up. The Bees continued with their streak into the second half, winning five of the final six rounds to close out Inferno with a dominant 13-5 victory.

The BLAST Premier: World Final 2023 final continued on Nuke, which played out very similarly. Team Vitality took an early lead with two maps but lost the next five, finding themselves trailing FaZe 2-5. However, Vitality found a way to bounce back and end the first half 7-5 up.

FaZe Clan struck back by winning the pistol round on CT-side, but they failed to take advantage of it, wining just one more round to Vitality's six. Like on Inferno, FaZe Clan proved completely toothless in the second half, which ended with 6-2 for Vitality and a 13-7 map victory.

Two Of The Most Dominant Teams In The World

Ahead of BLAST Premier: World Final 2023, Team Vitality were ranked no.2 in the global Counter-Strike rankings, behind FaZe Clan, who established themselves as the best team since the transition to the new game version.

Since their shaky performance at ESL Pro League Season 18, FaZe Clan have won Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2023, Thunderpick World Championship 2023, and CS Asia Championships 2023. But despite their success early into the CS2 era, FaZe Clan finished the last two tournaments behind Vitality.

Team Vitality have not won as many tournament titles since the transition to CS2, but by claiming BLAST Premier: Fall Final 2023 and BLAST Premier: World Final 2023, they've established themselves as one of the best teams ahead of the Christmas break.

Much of Vitality's success is thanks to Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut and Shahar "flameZ" Shushan, who looked incredible over the last two tournaments. And they both played a key role in Vitality's 2-0 sweep of FaZe Clan on Sunday.

Zywoo ended the grand final with a 1.69 performance rating, ahead of flameZ who finished the grand final with a 1.29 rating. ZywOo was also the highest-rated player of BLAST Premier: Fall Final 2023, averaging a 1.35 performance rating over the entire tournament.

Team Vitality, FaZe Clan and the rest of Counter-Strike 2 teams now head into a one-month break, which will stretch until BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2024, set to kick off on January 22, 2024, as the first S-Tier tournament of the next year.