G2.iG and Azure Ray Set A New World Record For The Longest Dota 2 Series

31 Jan 2024
Tit Krajnik 31 Jan 2024
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  • G2.iG and Azure Ray set a new world record for the longest Dota 2 professional series
  • The two teams played a five-and-a-half-long series on January 30, 2024
  • The previous record stood for nine years and is roughly 18 minutes shorter
Dota 2 Fans
Dota 2 Fans (Getty Images)
On January 30, 2024, G2.iG and Azure Ray played a five-and-a-half-long series at ESL One Birmingham 2024 China closed qualifier, setting a new world record for the longest Dota 2 game. The previous record was set in a match between STARK and Mamas Boys and stood for nearly nine years.

The Chinese Dota 2 scene has seen an influx of new teams over the years, including Azure Ray and G2.iG as two of the latest additions. Azure Ray made their debut in May 2023, while G2.iG was formed in December 2023.

Now, only two months later, G2.iG etched their name in the history book by playing the longest professional Dota 2 game in history during the ESL One Birmingham 2024 China closed qualifier.

In a match, the single qualifying spot for ESL One Birmingham came down to the series between G2.iG and Azure Ray, and while many expected it to be a closely contested game, no one was prepared for it to last over five and a half hours.

At five hours, 34 minutes and 40 seconds, the match beat the previous record of five hours, 16 minutes and 55 seconds, set at the Esportal Dota 2 League Ticket in 2015.

G2.iG Come Out On Top

Azure Ray and G2.iG entered the final match of ESL One Birmingham 2024 China closed qualifier chasing the sole ticket for the main event, and they made sure to put on a show. The best-of-five series started with a gruesome 83-minute battle, which was eventually won by G2.iG.

Azure Ray needed 52 minutes to tie the score at 1-1 in the second match of the series, and at that point, it was clear that the game would come down to the wire.

For the third match, both teams opted for mid-late game compositions, anticipating another long map. However, it proved the be relatively short, ending in 46 minutes in favour of G2.iG.

The fourth map didn’t follow the trend of shorter games. In fact, it was the longest of the series, lasting 107 minutes. Both teams approached it cautiously, not wanting to risk too much, especially Azure Ray, who were one loss away from getting eliminated.

And their cautious approach eventually paid off and Azure Ray tied the score once more at 2-2.

The best-of-five series came down to the final map, which was also the shortest, lasting only 44 minutes. However, this time, it was G2.iG who came out on top and secured their ticket for ESL One Birmingham 2024.