Taiga Retires From Dota 2

08 Feb 2024
Tit Krajnik 08 Feb 2024
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  • Tommy "Taiga" Lee retired from professional Dota 2 on Thursday, February 8, 2024
  • The 25-year-old ended his career as a Dota 2 esports pro after seven years
  • Taiga will now focus on streaming
Tommy "Taiga" Le (Getty Images)
On Thursday, February 8, Tommy "Taiga" Lee announced he was retiring from professional Dota 2. The news comes just over one month after Taiga left Bleed Esports, who he played for just over a month.

Taiga started his Dota 2 esports career in August 2017 with STFe-sports and later played for No Rats before joining Alliance in November of the same year. With Alliance, Taiga made a name for himself, competing and accomplishing strong placements in some of the biggest Dota 2 tournaments.

After leaving Alliance in September 2019, Taiga spent two years with Team Liquid, with whom he won ESL One Germany 2020, and in November 2021, Taiga signed for another European Dota 2 powerhouse, OG.

With OG, Taiga won several big events and placed top eight at The International; however, he was released from the lineup in later 2023, when OG went through a rebuilding process, leaving Taiga without a home.

Taiga spent the last few months competing with Wildcard Gaming and most recently joined Bleed Esports, who he left at the end of December following a streak of poor results.

An Up-And-Donw Career

Even though Taiga accomplished a lot early into his Dota 2 esports career, success was hard to come by for the 25-year-old in 2023. His stint with Bleed Esports led to no notable accomplishments besides placing fourth at Kobolds Rave in December.

Taiga has spent the last two months with Level UP, with whom he attended  BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024: WEU Open Qualifier #1 and #2, both DreamLeague Season 22: Western Europe Open Qualifiers and the European Pro League Season 16, without any success.

The lack of success likely led to Taiga's decision to retire from professional Dota 2; however, as confirmed, he'll remain active in the scene – as a streamer on Kick.

Taiga is one of many Dota 2 pros who moved to Kick, the other notable being Artour "Arteezy" Babaev, who has since started with gambling streams. This also leads to a question of whether Taiga will follow the same path, considering he has publicly talked about his gambling addiction at the start of 2023.

Still, Taiga has been actively playing Dota 2, reaching 11,000 MMR this month, breaking into the top-180 rank on the European Dota 2 ladder. His success in ranked games and the fact that many Dota 2 pros came out of retirement suggest that Taiga might explore options to return to professional play, but so far, he has not expressed any intentions to do so.