Karmine Corp Crash Out Of LEC 2024 Winter

28 Jan 2024
Tit Krajnik 28 Jan 2024
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  • The league's newcomers get eliminated from LEC 2024 Winter following an abysmal lose streak
  • Karmine Corp are officially out of LEC 2024 Winter Playoff race after losing seven straight games
  • KC now have months to rebuild, fix mistakes and improve their impression in the LEC 2024 Spring
Karmine Corp
Karmine Corp (credit: via Twitter (@KarmineCorp))
Karmine Corp ended their journey through the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) 2024 Winter on Saturday, January 27, when they suffered their seventh straight loss. Having failed to win a single match over the first two weeks, KC are now locked out of advancing to the LEC 2024 Winter Playoffs.

Some teams have an explosive debut in a new league; others show signs of struggle. And then there's Karmine Corp, who produced a nightmarish run in their first year competing in the European League of Legends league.

Billed as dangerous dark horses, Karmine Corp entered LEC 2024 Winter with a lot to prove to their loyal fans. However, despite having their moments and showing glimpses of greatness, Karmine Corp headed into the final week of the LEC 2024 Winter regular season needing three wins to have a chance to reach the playoffs.

Unfortunately, KC couldn't make it work and suffered their seventh straight loss on Saturday, effectively shutting the doors on their chances ot reach the postseason.

A Nightmarish Debut In LEC

In October, Karmine Corp announced that they'd be entering the LEC after acquiring the slot from Astralis. With one of the largest fanbases in Europe, the hype surrounding KC finally entering Europe's premier LoL league was huge. And after the French organisation announced the roster, many fans envisioned KC having a shot at challenging LEC top dogs for the title.

Things, however, didn't work out as intended.

Karmine Corp ended the first week of the LEC 2024 Winter regular season with three losses against Fnatic, G2 Esports, and MAD Lions. Going 0-3 to start the season wasn't optimal, but it still left the doors to the playoffs wide open.

Those would slowly start to close as KC added three more defeats in the second week against GIANTX, Team Vitality, and Team Heretics. As a result, they were put with their backs against the wall, needing to produce three wins in the final week of LEC 2024 Winter. Yet even that didn't work out.

On the first day of LEC 2024 Winter, Karmine Corp lost against Rogue, giving the latter a chance to make the playoffs and shutting their LEC 2024 Winter playoff doors as they can no longer secure enough points to end the split inside the top eight.

Even if Karmine Corp win the final two games and end the year with a 2-7 record, they'll be tied with either GIANTX or Rogue by the end of the split. But due to the head-to-head record, KC won't be able to break the tie.

As the curtain falls on Karmine Corp's debut split in the LEC, the team can now work on ironing out their issues and potentially look to rebuild the roster for the LEC 2024 Split, which is set to start in March.