Karmine Corp Join The LEC

18 Oct 2023
Tit Krajnik 18 Oct 2023
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  • One of the biggest French esports organisations has secured a spot in the LEC
  • Karmine Corp LoL team took over the LEC slot from Astralis
  • Karmine Corp will debut in Europe's top LoL division in the 2024 season
Karmine Corp Join The LEC
After a long wait and many months of rumours, Karmine Corp has finally announced that it will join the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC). The French team will take over the slot from Astralis, who exit LEC after just two years.

On Wednesday, October 18, Karmine Corp announced that it has officially acquired Astralis' LEC slot and will make its debut in Europe's top-division LoL league in 2024. The French organisation attempted to enter the LEC in 2022 but was denied by Riot Games, leaving the fans curious of when and if KC will ever make the top league.

However, shortly after the 2023 LEC season ended, Karmine Corp's co-owner Kamel "Kameto" Kebir started hinting at the possibility of KC joining the LEC and even sent cryptic messages on Twitter earlier today – before the big announcement.

Seeing Karmine Corp joining the LEC is hardly surprising, as it was only a matter of time before it would happen. Karmine Corp are unquestionably one of the biggest and most popular European esports organisations and one of the most successful ERL teams.

Founded in March 2020 by Twitch streamers Zouhair "Kotei" Darji and Kameto, Karmine Corp quickly rose up the ranks of the regional French LoL league, the La Ligue Française (LFL), winning two championship titles. Moreover, Karmine Corp have also won four EMEA Masters tournaments, solidifying its status as the best ERL team.

However, while the team's success in the ERLs alone is a good enough reason for Karmine Corp to be promoted to the LEC, it's also the teams' massive following of fans, who made up the vast majority of the crowd at the LEC 2023 Summer Finals in Montpellier, France.

With Karmine Corp's entry into LEC, also comes Astralis' departure after just two years. Astralis joined the LEC in 2021 when the Danish esports organisation acquired the LEC slot previously held by Origen.

Over the three seasons, Astralis have produced a mixed bag of results but never emerged as one of the top contenders in the LEC. The team's best placement was qualifying for LEC 2023 Groups by finishing the LEC 2023 Spring Split regular season in second place; however, the team never found itself in a race for the LEC trophy.

On a more positive note, the LEC stands to gain a lot from the bittersweet entry of Karmine Corp to the LEC, especially due to the team's massive following of fans, which could lead to many new rivalries and more exciting live games.

While Karmine Corp will join the LEC, the team will also keep competing in the LFL with another roster, which will serve as an academy team.