LCS Announces Scheduling Changes For 2024

13 Dec 2023
Tit Krajnik 13 Dec 2023
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  • League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) announced scheduling changes for 2024
  • As confirmed, the LCS is returning to the weekend schedule
  • The change follows a year of controversial weekday schedule, which led to a viewership drop
LCS 2024 - The Next Chapter
LCS 2024 - The Next Chapter (credit: via
On Tuesday, December 12, 2023, Riot Games announced that the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) will return to the regular weekend schedule for the 2024 season. The decision follows a full year of controversial weekday scheduling, which led to a drop in overall viewership numbers of the North American LoL league.

As confirmed, the LCS will return to the original Saturday-Sunday broadcast days in 2024. The call was made after the community's negative feedback to Riot Games' decision to move LCS games to weekdays – Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday – last year to free up the broadcast time for Valorant matches.

"After careful examination of our schedule and listening closely to community feedback, we are confident the 2024 LCS schedule will allow fans to follow their favourite sports and leagues during a schedule that works for them. Fans can expect even more exciting updates on the schedule and formats in early January."

The scheduling change is hardly surprising, considering the weekday schedule's negative impact on the league and its viewership numbers. LCS has already struggled with dropping viewership over the years; however, that was most noticeable in 2023, when the LCS Spring and Summer splits peaked at just over 271,000 and 223,000 viewers.

In contrast, the LCS 2022 Spring and Summer averaged over 387,000 and 370,000 viewers, while the LCS 2021 Spring and Summer Splits peaked at nort of 415,000 and 364,000.

Whether the change in schedule will help LCS regain some of the lost viewers remains to be seen. And while having games on weekends is beneficial, the league has shrunk from ten to eight teams following the exodus of Evil Geniuses and Golden Guardians.

MarkZ Named The LCS Commissioner

Besides announcing the scheduling change, the LCS also revealed Mark "MarkZ" Zimmerman as the new LCS Commissioner. The 32-year-old is one of the most recognisable names in the LCS, having played the role of colour commentator on the broadcast for over five years.

He has been involved within the lCS for nearly a decade as a coach, caster, and analyst. In his new role, MarkZ will oversee the LCS with a "focus on creating a holistic and outstanding experience for fans, players, and teams". 

"MarkZ brings a truly unique perspective on our league and ecosystem, as he has worn a variety of hats throughout his career. We look forward to seeing his passion and deep knowledge of the LCS shine through his new role as our Commissioner."

With MarkZ as the new LCS Commissioner and the league returning to its old schedule, the LCS will look different in 2024. But even with all the changes, some questions remain about whether the North American LoL league will manage to regain its lost followers, who have seemingly lost interest in watching the competition over the years.