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League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) 2024 Spring Betting Odds – T1 and Gen.G Lead The Way

16 Jan 2024
Tit Krajnik 16 Jan 2024
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  • League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) 2024 Spring kicks off on Wednesday, January 17, 2024
  • 10 League of Legends teams
  • T1 and Gen.G are priced as favourites
LCK 2024 Spring
LCK 2024 Spring
League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) 2024 season returns on Wednesday, January 17, with the first round of the LCK 2024 Spring split. Once again, we’ll see 10 Korean LoL esports teams competing for a ticket leading into the LCK 2024 Spring Playoffs and to the Mid-Season Invitational, and like last season, there are two firm favourites and the rest.

Hanwha Life Esports6.50
Dplus KIA8.00
KT Rolster29.00
Kwangdong Freecs201.00
OKSavingsBank BRION201.00
Nongshim RedForce251.00

The Main Favourites

According to the LoL betting odds, T1 (2.00) are clear favourites to win LCK 2024 Spring, followed by the defending champions, Gen.G (2.50).

Seeing T1 priced as the top dog makes a lot of sense, considering they’ve won the LoL World Championship 2023 and haven’t made any roster changes. Even though this doesn’t guarantee that T1 will again be the world’s best team, their quality is undeniable.

There is no question about T1’s chances of winning the LCK 2024 Spring, and the offered betting odds paint a clear picture of how good this League of Legends team is. However, T1 are not the only team that poses a serious threat to claim the LCK throne.

Gen.G were arguably one of the top three teams in the world in 2023; however, they couldn’t show it on the international stage. This led to several roster changes, including to the coaching staff, which should help Gen.G be even more competitive.

On paper, Gen.G field a very strong roster that can fly very high. Admittedly, they might not look too good early on while the players are adapting to the new environment, but Gen.G shouldn’t be ignored as a candidate to win a couple of trophies this season.

Underdogs That Can Deliver

In the underdogs' bracket, we have three teams: Hanwha Life Esports (6.50), Dplus KIA (8.00), and KT Rolster (29.00), and while Hanwha Life Esports might be the most exciting to follow, Dplus KIA seem most likely to do some serious damage.

Dplus KIA added three new players ahead of the 2024 season, which was an interesting approach to rebooting the lineup. A big question about the roster changes is why Dplus decided to break up the Canyon-ShowMaker duo, but the risk might pay off.

Canyon’s replacement, Lucid has proven to be an extremely talented jungler who just might manage to fill in Canyon’s shoes. He was the MVP of the Challenger League in 2023 Summer and was in the all-pro team in the last three splits.

That doesn’t mean that Lucid will be an elite-tier player, but he has the potential. The rest of the lineup consists of seasoned veterans who we know what we’re getting from. So even though Dplus’ roster rebuild might not make sense now, it just might’ve significantly increased Dplus KIA’s ceiling.

Hanwha Life Esports are an exciting team to follow since they’ve built a new super team. But realistically, this team hasn’t made significant improvements from last split.

The lineup is still very solid, definitely capable of doing some damage, and, unlike most other teams don’t seem as unpredictable. 

KT Rolster made some questionable moves this offseason, forming a roster that can either do extremely well or fall apart. This explains why they’re priced at 29.00, which puts them in a category of teams that might do fine but seem weaker than the top four teams.

If we’re adding KT Rolster under the “underdogs that can do well”, we must also show some respect to Kwangdong Freecs. Priced at 201.00, KDF are billed as one of the weakest teams in the league, which sounds fair, but like Dplus KIA, they have a high ceiling.

Forming a roster of young and talented players will likely lead to poor results early on, and perhaps KDF won’t have the time to develop by the end of the year. But there’s also a very strong upside with this team.

All players have shown flashes of greatness last season, and it’s not fair to say either is a weak player in his role. A LOT will have to go right for Kwangdong Freecs to win the league, but if the players develop quickly, KDF just might surprise everyone.

Teams That Won’t Accomplish Much

That leaves us with DRX (61.00), FearX (81.00), OKSavingsBank BRION (201.00), and Nongshim RedForce (251.00) as the bottom teams in the LCK.

Unlike other squads who are priced at higher odds, neither of the four have as much potential, either because they field mediocre players or younger talent who hasn’t shown much over the years.

DRX are not that weak and will likely compete for a strong mid-table finish, and the same can be said for FearX (former Liiv SANDBOX). But both will need the meta to shift their way and for some of the players to improve upon their showings last split for either of the two squads to be very competitive.

OKSavingsBank BRION and Nongshim RedForce are simply not that good, no matter how we look at them. OKSavingsBank BRION might cook up an upset here and there, but RedForce and their lack of any notable improvements this offseason look like the worst team heading into the LCK 2024 Spring.

LCK 2024 Spring kicks off on Wednesday, January 17, 2024.