Red Bull Announces Red Bull League of Its Own

19 Sep 2023
Tit Krajnik 19 Sep 2023
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Red Bull League of Its Own
Red Bull League of Its Own (credit: via Twitter (@redbullgaming))
On Tuesday, September 19, Red Bull announced Red Bull League of Its Own, a League of Legends tournament which is set to take place in Berlin, Germany, on December 9, 2023. The event will have an interesting concept, with lesser European squads taking on T1, the most successful LoL esports team in history.

Red Bull League of Its Own is an upcoming League of Legends event, set for early December 2023, which will feature South Korean esports organisation T1 competing against European and German League of Legends teams. This will not be a proper League of Legends tournament but more of an exhibition event with interesting activities.

The idea behind Red Bull League of Its Own is for smaller European teams to square off against world-renowned South Korean esports organisation T1, which has won three LoL World Championship titles to date. 

According to Red Bull, Eintracht Spandau and Berlin International Gaming (BIG) will compete against each other for a chance to play T1. Additionally, NNO Old, a team made of content creators and streamers – including Frederik “NoWay” Hinteregge, Niklot “Tolkin” Stüber, and Daniel “Broeki” Broekman – will compete against T1 during the event.

“Look forward to the local rivalry of BIG and Eintracht Spandau as they compete against each other for the chance to take on T1, and prove the might of Germany’s League of Legends scene. You will also be able to witness Germany’s biggest League of Legends streamers, NNO Old, compete against Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok and his legendary team.”

Besides NNO Old, Eintracht Spandau and BIG, Red Bull intends to invite three more teams; however, no additional details have been revealed yet. 

Despite being announced on Tuesday, September 19, Red Bull League of Its Own has sold out in just three hours. However, those who want to follow the action can still tune in through RedBull’s official YouTube and Twitch streams.