Riot Overhauls EMEA Masters Summer Format

05 Jun 2024
Tit Krajnik 05 Jun 2024
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  • On Wednesday, June 5, 2024, Riot Games announced the overhaul of the EMEA Masters Summer Format
  • The overhaul comes as a response to the community feedback
  • EMEA Masters Summer 2024 is scheduled for July 31 – August 30
EMEA Masters Summer Format Update
EMEA Masters Summer Format Update
On Wednesday, June 5, Riot Games announced an overhaul of the EMEA Masters Summer 2024 competitive format. The decision was made to respond to the player's feedback, addressing some burning issues with the original format.
  • New EMEA Masters Summer 2024 Format
  • Last Chance Qualifiers
  • Swiss Stage
  • Playoffs

EMEA Masters Summer 2024 is set to take place on July 31 – August 30, welcoming the best European Regional League (ERL) LoL esports teams, competing for the prestigious title. The new format won’t change the idea of the event but instead introduce more best-of-five (BO5) series for viewers to enjoy.

Riot Games announced EMEA Masters Summer 2024 format earlier this year and received mixed opinion on it. Most of the community complained that the original format wasn’t engaging enough mainly due to the small number of teams competing in the Swiss Stage and the lack of BO5 series.

New EMEA Masters Summer 2024 Format

The new format will keep the three phase format, however, it’ll switch things up a but to include a Swiss Stage, which will succeed the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ). The final stage of the tournament will welcome ten LoL esports teams progress to the Playoffs.

One of the biggest changes with the new format is that it will feature 60 LoL esports teams who will compete in the tournament, opening more opportunities for underdogs to cause upsets. Of the 60 teams, 32 will qualify for the Last Chance Qualifiers, 28 of the top ERL squads will receive direct invites to the Swiss Stage, where they’ll fight for one of 16 spots in the Playoffs.

Last Chance Qualifiers

The Last Chance Qualifiers will start on July 31 and run until August 2.  The 32 participating teams will be split into four single-elimination brackets with “regional protection” to avoid clashes between regional rivals.

The first two LCQ rounds will be best-of-three, while the final round, which will have tickets for the Swiss Stage on the line, will be best-of-five.

Swiss Stage

The EMEA Masters Summer 2024 Swiss Stage will run from August 5 to 13. This stage will welcome 32 teams, including four squads that qualify through LCQ and 28 directly invited teams.

Teams who secure four wins first will receive invites to the Playoffs, whereas the teams who lose four times will be eliminated from the tournament. Sixteen teams will advance to the Playoffs.

All Swiss Stage matches will be best-of-one, except for qualification and elimination matches, which will be best-of-three. 


EMEA Masters Summer 2024 Playoffs will run from August 15-22 and have a spot for the 2024 EM Summer Finals on the line. 

Playoff teams will be seeded into a single-elimination bracket based on their performance. All matches will be best-of-five including the grand final.

EMEA Masters Summer is the 14th edition of Europe’s semi-professional LoL esports tournament, welcoming teams from 13 European Regional Leagues (ERLs). Previously known as EU Masters, the EMEA Masters Summer 2024 will kick off on July 31, 2024.