TSM Sells Its LCS Spot To Shopify Rebellion

21 Sep 2023
Tit Krajnik 21 Sep 2023
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  • TSM sold its LCS spot to Shopify Rebellion
  • The price was set at $10 million
  • This marks the end of TSM’s involvement in the North American LoL league after 11 years
North American esports organisation TSM has sold its League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) slot on Wednesday, September 20, to Shopify Rebellion. By buying TSM’s spot in the NA LoL league, Shopify Rebellion will make its first appearance in the League of Legends esports scene, expanding its presence in the esports world.

By selling its LCS spot, TSM officially exited the North American LoL league, leaving behind a huge void. Not only is TSM one of the oldest esports organisations in the world, but it’s also an iconic name in the North American LoL scene and the most successful team in the LCS.

TSM debuted in the North American LoL league in the inaugural season of the LCS in 2013, when the team won its first LCS trophy. TSM have since won six more LCS titles and made 12 finals; however, not once since 2020. 

TSM selling its LCS spot, despite being huge news, is not shocking. The North American esports organisation previously announced that it intends to leave the LCS after the 2023 season; however, it wasn’t until Wednesday, September 20, that it was revealed who will replace them.

As confirmed, TSM sold its LCS spot to a South American esports organisation, Shopify Rebellion, which has garnered global recognition due to its involvement in several esports. That includes Halo, Street Fighter, StarCraft II, Valorant, and Rocket League.

The league’s newcomers now have a a lot of work ahead of them since Shopify Rebellion still need to form a roster to play in the LCS 2024 season. Three of four TSM players will have their contracts expire in November 2023, with jungler Lee “Bugi” Seong-yeop the only player who has his contract until 2024. So, if Shopify Rebellion wants to field a complete roster next season, they have to find at least four more players to join their organisation.

“The acquisition of our LCS slot is a milestone moment for TSM and the entire esports community, especially by a team that shares our passion for excellence and growth,” said TSM CEO Andy “Reginald.

"With the relentless pursuit of victory that has defined TSM and the innovative spirit of Shopify Rebellion, we believe this move will ignite fresh success and further elevate the competitive landscape of esports.”

It remains to be seen what TSM’s plans are for the future. The NA esports organisation is still involved in other esports, and there have been rumours of TSM looking to join another major LoL region for the next year. However, as of today, nothing has yet been confirmed, so it’s entirely likely that we might not see TSM in LoL esports scene in 2024.