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Gamers8 2023 Rocket League Tournament Tips & Outright Predictions – Can Team Vitality Be Stopped?

23 Aug 2023
Tit Krajnik 23 Aug 2023
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  • Gamers 8 2023 Rocket League will kick off on Thursday, August 24
  • 24 Rocket League teams and a $2,000,000 prize pool
  • Team Vitality are expected to win another tournament
Rocket League Championship Series
Rocket League Championship Series (Getty Images)

Gamers8 2023 Predictions

Gamers8 2023 is an upcoming international Rocket League esports tournament that will take place during the Gamers8 esports festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The event will welcome some of the best Rocket League teams and the majority of squads who attended the RLCS 2022/23 World Championship, including the recently crowned world champions, Team Vitality.
  • Gamers8 2023 Predictions
  • Gamers8 2023 Betting Odds
  • The Main Favourites
  • The Home Crowd Favorites

As the Rocket League world champions, Team Vitality enter Gamers8 2023 as the main favourites to win another tournament, followed by Team BDS, Karmine Corp, FURIA, and Gen.G – the usual suspects.

Considering Team Vitality's towards the end of this season, it's hardly surprising to see the French squad priced as the main favourites to win the upcoming event. However, they might be feeling fatigued, which could see one of the outsiders take the spoils and end the season on a high note.

  • Team Vitality are expected to dominate
  • Team BDS and Karmine Corp are always a threat
  • Vitality could be fatigued

Gamers8 2023 Betting Odds

The outright betting odds on Gamers8 2023 are what anyone would expect. Team Vitality, who've won every event of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Spring Split, are priced as the favourites (2.75) to add another trophy to their collection.

Vitality have not only won all three regional events in Europe but have also crushed it at the RLCS 2022/23 World Championship, won the coveted trophy and became the first RLCS team in history to win all regional events and the world championship in the Spring Split. 

Sitting behind the Bees on the Gamer8 2023 outright betting markets are RLCS 2022/23 World Championship finalists, Team BDS (6.50), followed by Karmine Corp (7.50) as the third favourites. 

The three European squads have been viewed as some of the top Rocket League squads of the year and were already priced as the leading three favourites to win the RLCS 2022/23 World Championship. Nothing has changed since, as they all placed inside the top four at the world championship.

FURIA (8.00) are a surprise appearance at the top of the outright betting markets, even though they didn't compete at the World Championship. Still, they looked strong in the latter stages of the season and now have a chance to prove just how good they are at their second international event of the year.

Gen.G Mobil1 Racing (11.00), Team Liquid (11.00), Version1 (12.00), Team Falcons (12.00), FaZe Clan (13.00), and G2 Esports (13.00), and Rule One (13.00) round up the list of potential outsiders that can cause some damage, with the rest of the teams expected to struggle to accomplish much in Saudi Arabia.

The Main Favourites

Team Vitality are the main favourite to win Gamers8 2023, and It's hard to argue with it. You can make an argument that Team Vitality must feel fatigued by now, but they're so much better than anyone else that it's very tough to find a reason to fade them.

They've won all three European regional events, the RLCS Spring Split Major and the RLCS World Championship. So when we talk about Team Vitality's chances to win Gamers8 2023, we should only ask ourselves why wouldn't Vitality win? They've won everything since May, and until they start losing, they'll remain favourites to win any tournament.

Team BDS can't be ignored either. They won two bronze medals and one silver from the three European RLCS regional events and were runners-up in the Spring Split Major and the World Championship. But every final Team BDS lost was against Team Vitality – so why would it be different this time around?

Karmine Corp are a lesser version of Team BDS if we focus purely on their tournament placements, with one silver medal from the RLCS Spring Cup, a third-place finish from the spring Split Major and a semifinal exit from the World Championship. And just like Team BDS, Karmine Corp's three losses came against Team Vitality.

But unlike BDS; KC played much closer games against the Bees, with 2-4, 3-4, and 2-4, compared to Team BDS' 1-4, 1-4, and 0-4.

The Home Crowd Favorites

Team Falcons enter Gamers8 2023 as one of the outsiders to win it all, but while they're priced at 12.00, this team just might do better than expected. On August 18, Team Falcons picked up Hisham "Nwpo" Alqadi, who is an extremely talented player and could play an X factor in the Falcons' potential upset run.

The 16-year-old recently served his one-year ban from all Psyonix-operated tournaments due to playing at the RLCS 2021-22 - Fall: MENA Regional Event 3 - Closed Qualifier while underage, using someone else's account. But despite being just 15 years old at the time, Nwpo played extremely well and was one of the main reasons why his team (COLA) managed to compete with Team Falcons in the MENA region.

Suffice it to say, Nwpo is a huge addition to Team Falcons, and if he is half as good as he was before the ban, Team Falcons could be a serious threat for a strong finish. Moreover, since this tournament is played in Saudi Arabia, Team Falcons will have the support from the crowd, which can't be ignored.


Even at 2.75, Team Vitality look like the best bet for Gamers8 2023. They're objectively the best team in the world, and they've yet to show any signs of slowing down. Fatigue could play a part here, so perhaps we won't see Team Vitality at their best in Saudi Arabia. But that's more of a lousy excuse to fade what is the current best Rocket League team in the world.

Team Falcons are another team I'm interested in, and not only due to their recent signing. Even before the signing of Nwpo, Team Falcons have looked incredible.

They were the best team from the MENA region throughout the entire season, and they finished the RLCS 2022/23 World Championship in fifth-eighth place following a close 2-4 defeat against Team Vitality. This is no small feat, and if we consider that they're now playing on home soil, Team Falcons can do some serious damage.

Best Bet: Team Vitality To Win Outright @175.00 at - 4 Units
Top Pick: Falcons To Reach Final To Reach The Final @550.00 at - 2 Units
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