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RLCS 2022/23 World Championship Tips & Outright Predictions

30 Jul 2023
Tit Krajnik 30 Jul 2023
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  • RLCS 2022/23 World Championship begins on August 3, 2023
  • 24 Rocket League teams
  • $2,100,000 in the tournament prize pool
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RLCS 2022/23 World Championship Predictions

RLCS 2022/23 World Championship is the culminating event of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) 2022/23 season, set to start on Thursday, August 3, 2023. The tournament will welcome 24 Rocket League esports teams, vying for the coveted trophy and the lion's share of the $2,100,000 prize pool.
  • RLCS 2022/23 World Championship Predictions
  • RLCS 2022/23 World Championship Odds
  • RLCS 2022/23 World Championship Teams To Watch
  • The Favourites

According to the latest RL esports betting odds, there are a handful of teams who have a realistic chance to win the tournament, but like in the Spring Split Major, we see the same group of teams occupying the top spots in the outright betting markets, with Team Vitality leading the way ahead of Team BDS and Karmine Corp who round up the list of the three teams most likely to hoist the trophy.

RLCS 2022/23 World Championship Odds

The Rocket League outright betting odds for the World Championship 2023 look very similar to the RLCS 2022/23 Spring Split Major, featuring the same group of teams at the top of the list.

Team Vitality are priced as the main favourites to win the RLCS 2022/23 World Championship (4.50), ahead of their main two domestic rivals in Team BDS (5.50) and Karmine Corp (6.00). North America's top team, Gen.G Mobil1 Racing (7.00), sit in fourth place, with FaZe Clan (9.00) and Team Liquid (9.00) as the only two remaining teams priced at single digits.

RLCS 2022/23 World Championship Teams To Watch

Of the 24 teams who'll travel to Germany to battle it out for the title of Rocket League world champions, we can cross out many squads as potential champions, which includes the majority of Wildcard Teams. Moist Esports (13.00) can be viewed as an exception.

Moist Esports have made two roster moves this season, most recently bringing in Kurtis "Kash" Cannon, which proved to be a smart move. Kash quickly fit in with the roster and helped Moist Esports bounce back after a poor winter split with a top-four finish in Spring Cup and a deep run at the Spring Major (fifth-sixth).

Overall, Moist Esports have looked quite good, and their strong finish to the 2022/23 season leaves a good impression ahead of the world championship. However, despite how good Moist Esports can be, they're not quite one of the top teams heading to Dusseldorf. In some ways, Moist Esports fall into the same category as Rule One (13.00) – as a team that is good but not great.

Team Liquid (9.00) has had an amazing season. They won the Winter Invitational, made the finals of the Spring Open, and reached top eight at the Spring Major, where they got eliminated by Gen.G Mobil1 Racing (2-3) in a close match. Even though Liquid's results this season aren't quite as flashy, they have a realistic chance to win the tournament, but a lot will come down to how well the star players can perform.

Gen.G Mobil1 Racing (7.00) enter the RLCS 2022/23 World Championship as the fourth-favourites, which looks like a fair ranking. They were incredible in the fall split when they won the Fall Major, later adding a Winter Open title in February. However, since then, Gen.G Mobil1 Racing have failed to win another trophy.

In the Spring Split major, Gen.G placed top-six after losing to the eventual champions, Team Vitality. It wasn't the best outcome, but Gen.G Mobil1 Racing have looked good, and with the experience this squad has, another deep run is expected.

The Favourites

The list of RLCS 2022/23 World Championship favourites welcomes back familiar names in Karmine Corp, Team BDS, and Team Vitality, who picked up the top three spots at the Spring Major and are expected to contest podium finishes again. But what is the correct order?

Team BDS (5.50) are priced as the second favourites, which makes sense considering they finished the Spring Major as runners-up, losing just one game against Team Vitality (2-4, 1-4), who they previously beat in the semifinals. Team BDS are undeniably a quality team and the reigning world champions, but their ups and downs have left them in Vitality's shadow for most of the year.

Nevertheless, BDS are in an excellent position to challenge Vitality for the trophy again.

Karmine Corp (6.00) finished the Spring Major in third place after two narrow 3-4 defeats against BDS in the upper bracket finals and Team Vitality in the lower bracket final. This team has been incredibly consistent throughout the entire season, and even though they don't have the flashy results to show for it, they've consistently found themselves in the race for top spots – usually crashing out by the smallest of margins.

As Karmine Corp have proven, this is a talented team, more than capable of winning the world championship – if only they can surpass their domestic rivals this time.

Sitting at the top of the power rankings are Team Vitality, who are considered the best Rocket League esports team in the world. They've just completed the first perfect split in Rocket League esports history, winning every single event since May in dominant fashion.

Vitality have dropped a game against BDS at the Spring Major but came back to dominate in the finals, proving that they're the real deal. So even though Vitality have shown that they can crack, the question for the RLCS 2022/23 World Championship is not so much whether Vitality can win, but rather if there's any squad that can stop them.


Picking out the favourite to win the RLCS 2022/23 World Championship isn't hard. Team Vitality are the most successful team of the season and in excellent form, having won all Spring Split tournaments, including the last Major.

They have faced stiff resistance from their regional rivals, KC and BDS, but Vitality came out on top every time, proving that they're the best team from Europe and the best RL team in the world. At the offered betting odds, backing Vitality to close out this season with a world championship title is a no-brainer pick, and I'm adding another bet on Europe as the region of the tournament winner.

At 1.53, this market is way off as even if Vitality slips, Europe still has Team BDS and Karmine Corp, which are significantly better teams than any squad from North America, MENA, or other participating regions.

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