Demon1 Leaves Evil Geniuses Valorant Team

23 Dec 2023
Tit Krajnik 23 Dec 2023
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  • Max "Demon1" Mazanov announced he is no longer contracted with Evil Geniuses
  • Demon1 is a free agent for the next Valorant esports season
  • According to reports, Demon1 is close to signing with NRG
Max "Demon1" Mazanov
On Friday, December 22, Max "Demon1" Mazanov announced he is no longer under contract with Evil Geniuses. The news fuel rumours of Demon1 joining NRG Esports for the 2024 Valorant season.

In a Twitter post, Demon1 announced he is free of Evil Geniuses’ contract jail while also adding a GIF showing a contract being signed. This suggests that Demon1 has signed a contract to join NRG Esports, who he has been linked with for the past couple of months.

The announcement comes a week after Demon1’s teammate Ethan “Ethan” Arnold posted a similar tweet, suggesting that he is free of a “contract jail” the duo were caught in since Evil Geniuses announced it is ready to sell its entire Valorant lineup if the players don’t agree on a pay cut.

The decision came as a shock, mainly because EG made it shortly after winning the VALORANT Champions 2023 title. However, as it later turned out, Evil Geniuses seem to not have any intentions of staying in the esports scene, having recently axed most of its Counter-Strike lineup and the whole Dota 2 roster, as well as cut its partnership with ESL.

Ethan and Demon1 have been rumoured to be in talks with NRG Esports to join the North American esports organisation for the next season. While only rumours, several reports suggested that this is the case and that Ethan and Demon1 are close to officially signing contracts with NRG.

The rumours were further fuelled by NRG, who posted a tweet saying “got ‘em” and hints from current NRG coach and Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen, who is also said to have agreed to join NRG Esports soon.

As of now, these are only rumours, but there is plenty of evidence to confirm that Ethan, Demon1, and Marved are all close to joining NRG Esports, who’ve released five players since September.

As revealed, NRG already approached Evil Geniuses for Ethan and Demon1 in September, when Evil Geniuses turned down a massive offer from NRG, further suggesting that EG was holding its players in a contract jail. But as it seems, this is no longer the case.