Valorant Esports Head Talks Upcoming Schedule Changes For VCT

11 Dec 2023
Tit Krajnik 11 Dec 2023
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  • Head of Valorant esports Leo Faria touched on the topic of Valorant esports schedule
  • Faria talked about burnout and upcoming scheduling changes
  • No major changes will come until 2025
Valorant Champions Tour
Valorant Champions Tour (Getty Images)
On Monday, December 11, the head of Valorant esports, Leo Faria, posted a lengthy Twitter post, talking about the current state of the Valorant esports scene and plans for the future. One of the topics included concerns about the stacked schedule and lack of player rest, as well as plans to address the issue with scheduling changes.

In the Twitter post, Faria talked about the past 2023 Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) season, the upcoming year, and plans for 2025. The main topic of discussion was the concerns some fans and players have regarding Valorant’s stacked schedule, lack of player breaks, and overall plans for the competitive schedule in the future.

As stated by Faria, Riot Games believes that the current competitive scene is in need of an overhaul. He talked about how the competitive schedule is too tight in February-August and too sparse in September-January. But not only is Riot aware of the issue, it also has plans to address the problem.

“We’ve always been very intentional about having a healthy offseason that gives pros time to rest, teams time to restructure their rosters, and fans the opportunity to miss the sport. While all that remains true, we don’t believe the calendar is as good as it can be. The current calendar is a bit too tight from February to August and sparse from September to January.”

“While we’re not looking to increase the number of competitions, we want to space them out better, starting the season earlier and ending later in the year, giving us proper breathing time between stages and events. In 2024, we’ll still have a late start, mainly to give new teams in VCT CN time to prepare, but calendar changes will go live in 2025. We’ll share more details next year.”

As confirmed, starting with the VCT 2025 season, things will be more spaced out, with the competitive Valorant season starting earlier and ending later. However, despite the changes, the number of events will stay the same.

Schedule That’s In Need Of Some Adjustments

The biggest problem with the current VCT schedule is how punishing it is for the most successful teams, which have little to no time to rest. For example, players of Fnatic and Evil Geniuses stated how tired they were at VALORANT Champions 2023 after a long playoff run at Masters Tokyo and VALORANT Champions.

Looking back at last season, the VCT 2023 EMEA League concluded on May 28, with VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo kicking off on June 11, giving the team just over one week to get ready for the tournament. The Japanese event concluded on June 25, just over one month ahead of the VALORANT Champions 2023 kick-off.

As a result, the most successful teams, who qualified for all big events, had very little time to rest, and things won’t get any better with the 2024 kickoff series leading into the regular season and two Masters events.

Unfortunately, Riot Games doesn’t plan to introduce any major changes until 2025, nor do we know what changes Riot has planned.