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    Overwatch 2

    Find the best esports betting sites for an unparalleled gaming experience, as you cheer on your favourite heroes and secure epic wins in the action-packed universe of Overwatch 2.

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    Overwatch 2 Betting Sites & Tips

    What Is Overwatch 2?

    Overwatch 2 is a first-person shooter online multiplayer game released in October 2022 as a sequel to Overwatch. The game plays similarly to other FPS titles but distinctly differs from Call of Duty or Counter-Strike.


    Overwatch 2, unlike most other FPS games, features heroes, which are playable characters, each with unique abilities. Like in League of Legends or Dota 2, each hero has spells (or abilities), including shields, jumps, rockets, grenades, heals, and more, which add a bit more complexity to each battle and give the players a chance to pick the right set of tools for the game.

    The competitive element of Overwatch ushered in the creation of a massive esports scene, which revolves around Overwatch League – the premier professional esports league for Overwatch. Touted as a “truly global professional esports league”, the Overwatch League has a franchised model, welcoming teams representing cities from Europe, Asia, and North America.

    And due to a professional esports scene, Overwatch didn’t need long to enter the world of online betting. As one of the biggest esports titles, Overwatch is well-covered by esports bookmakers and traditional sportsbooks and enjoys as much attention as other biggest FPS games, including Call of Duty and Counter-Strike.

    Top Overwatch 2 Betting Sites

    How Does Overwatch 2 Work?

    Overwatch 2 is a straightforward game. It can be described as an FPS battle arena title that revolves around heroes (playable characters. Each hero has his own set of abilities and skills, designed to add a bit more variety compared to the traditional FPS games.

    Originally, Overwatch was played as 6v6, but with the introduction of Overwatch 2, it transitioned to a 5v5 format, with each match featuring two teams of five players. Unlike Counter-Strike, which has only one game mode, Overwatch is similar to Counter-Strike, as it has four different game modes, each with specific rules and goals.


    Control is a simple game mode where both teams fight to take control over a single objective point. The team which controls the objective point the longest and reaches 100% wins that round.

    Escort is a unique game mode where the teams are divided into attackers and defenders. The attacking team has to escort the payload to the other side of the map (to the delivery point), while the defending team has to prevent it by taking control of the payload before the time runs out. The teams switch sides after the round is finished.

    Push is a new game mode, released with Overwatch 2, where the teams fight over the control of a robot, pushing the objective into the enemy’s spawn. The teams can win a Push round by pushing the robot into the enemy’s spawn area or getting further than the opponents before the time runs out.

    Hybrid is a game mode that combines two game modes (Assault and Escort), with teams taking on the role of attackers or defenders. The attacking team has to battle the defending team to capture checkpoints and win control of an objective point where a payload sits. Once the point is taken, the payload activates, and the attackers must escort it to the delivery point on the other side of the map.

    How To Bet On Overwatch 2

    Overwatch 2 is not a complex game, and even though it offers a lot of variety, which keeps it entertaining to watch, it’s easy to understand. Most importantly, learning how to bet on Overwatch 2 is not difficult due to the simplicity of the available bet types, which are very similar to bets available for other esports.


    Moneyline is a traditional bet on who will win the game outright. The odds offered will vary depending on the team’s perceived strength and chances to win, and while it’s a straightforward bet, most Overwatch 2 punters prefer handicaps, which offer a bit more variety.


    Handicap bets in Overwatch work the same way as in sports. With handicaps, the sportsbooks handicap teams based on their perceived strength by giving one team an imaginary advantage and the opposing team an imaginary disadvantage.

    Since most Overwatch 2 games are played as best-of-five (Bo5), the bookmakers will offer map handicaps. However, because each game is played across at least three game modes (maps), it’s also possible to place map handicaps.


    Totals (or over/under) are wagers used to predict whether a specific statistic in an Overwatch game will exceed the predetermined value by the bookmaker. However, while it would be possible to bet on a number of kills, the most common total bets for Overwatch 2 are the total number of maps played.


    Outrights or futures are bets on the result of a future event, including which team will win the tournament or the league championship. These long-term wagers can be found on all bookmakers which offer Overwatch 2 betting markets and are available throughout the entire season.

    Key Overwatch 2 Tournaments & Leagues

    Since 2018, the Overwatch competitive scene has revolved around the Overwatch League, the premier professional esports league for the game. And even after the transition to Overwatch 2, the competitive format has stayed mostly the same.


    The Overwatch League is the primary league, above the Overwatch Contenders, a development series. While the latter doesn’t get as much attention as the OWL, it is still a big part of Overwatch 2’s competitive ecosystem. The two leagues are also connected since the Overwatch Contenders teams can qualify for Overwatch League events.

    The Overwatch League is divided into two regions – East and West – for North American and Asian teams, which compete within their leagues but meet at OWL Major events such as the Midseason Madness and the season-culminating Overwatch League Championship. 

    Punters can bet on regular season matches, Major events, and the Overwatch League Championship, which fills up the calendar and offer esports bettors plenty of chances to find the right betting opportunities.
    Key Overwatch 2 Tournaments:

    • Overwatch League 
    • Overwatch Contenders
    • Overwatch League Championship